'Heidi is so passionate about the food she creates. Each dish is a reflection of her, a mix of creativity and perfection. Not to mention it always tastes amazing!' 

Kerrie Williams


'I have been lucky enough to be a friend of Heidi's for many years. An amazing perk of this is being able to taste test all of her incredible creations. Watching Heidi nurture her passion, transform her craft and cultivate her creative expression through food is magic. Heidi's love language is food and she plants a seed of love in every masterpiece she's creates. Beautiful, delicate and conscious food to set your taste buds on a trip of divinity.'

Jenni Scarpella


'Heidi’s food is like a fine piece of sculpture or a decorated canvas, it captures you at a glance and then is so inviting in visual wonderment it leaves you wanting more. You always decide to venture further, not to be disappointed as you savour flavours and take you your taste buds and mind on a journey of discovery.  Many of her ingredients are native to her beautiful Australian home using the skills acquired through the teachings of the likes of American chef, Matthew Kenney. Every item of Heidi’s is prepared with her ultimate give, love; love of her craft and love of good food and reflects her colourful beautiful soul and being. Never have I been disappointed to go on a culinary journey with her.'

Karen Swift


'Heidi's food is always a stand out from the rest. Visually at first as she has an eye for detail and makes everything look too good to eat. Then when you do eat it you are left wanting more and questioning if it really is healthy as it tastes so good! Heidi has mastered beautiful flavours and textures and the sweetness in her treats is always just right! I am a huge fan and always desperately wanting more of her delicious, nourishing, real food! Thanks Heidi and keep up the amazing craft of creating with food.'

Kristal Thaiday


'I can’t say enough good things about Heidi! I’ve been a chef for a while now and it always amazes me to see that spark in someones eyes when you talk about food. Like super excited, teaching others and eager to learn more, in love the craft, the products and everything around with it. She is definitely doing her own thing as well, not just what everybody else does. Trying new things in the kitchen, it comes out looking amazing and it tastes amazing too! Social media food often looks great cause people spent 6 hours on a shot but when it comes down to eating you feel like you are eating a candle. I’m amazed by all the stuff she pulls out, looks great and it is always super healthy. She is confident in the kitchen, focused, technical, still really cool and open minded. Also knowledgeable about health. She is real a solid chef! She is already very good and she is getting better fast. Definitely someone to look for on the culinary scene in the coming years. If I was building a kitchen team right now she would be one of the first I would call.'

Julien Vasseur – Chef


'I've had the pleasure of tasting a selection of Heidi's delightful sweet treats and I've got to say, they were divine! When I felt like I needed something sweet to pick me up, it was so great to have Heidi's creations to get me through. It felt good knowing they weren't loaded with refined sugars and other nasties. Yum!'

Chenae Carey


'I have been stalking Heidi around markets since I first heard how amazing her food & raw treats were. I still remember the first bowl I had was so delicious and we also brought some dips which were just as delightful. Over the last few years it has been great to watch Heidi transform into the chef that she has become. Her presentation, tastes and the unusual but spectacular combinations are second to none. My mouth drools every time I see a post of hers on social media because I know just how good it would taste! Combine her awesome food with the awesome person that she is and you have an awesome package!! I'm going to miss seeing you around the Gladstone region Heids xx'

Kara Darcy


 'I have had great the pleasure of enjoying many of Heidi's creations over the years and can honestly say that they are nothing short of amazing. The sheer beauty of her handiwork is a result of attention to detail, perfectionism, and a vast knowledge of raw cooking which culminates in food that is not only delicious, but a work of art, each and every time. Heidi puts her heart, soul and creativity into everything she makes and I have brought her dishes to countless gatherings where everybody is always so impressed by the technique, ingredients and quality- a real crowd pleaser! I recommend Heidi for any event as she is innovative and can rise to any challenge.'

Amy Leaver


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